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Dear colleagues,

EuAUP (European Association of University Professors) is an association under formation aiming at promoting values of higher education, expert and scientific researches with emphasis on young scientists, mentors and possibilities of use of European funds for higher education purposes. The activities of the Association are directed toward mutual collaboration of all scientific institutions, professors, teachers, assistants and young scientists in the European Union area and wider.

In order to establish a long-term collaboration between all professors, instructors, assistants, and other educators in higher education in the European Union and the institutions in which they work and operate, it is the intention of „EuAUP – association under formation“ to bring together all people involved in higher education of young people, scientific work, and promotion of higher education as a requirement for a long-term sustainable development. As the first step to fulfil this intention, EuAUP invites you to join the Association, become its active member, and be informed on a regular basis about the activities of the Association. For the purposes of promotion of the activities of EuAUP association, membership is free of charge until the end of 2015, and all members will receive additional discounts on various seminars, trainings and conferences to be organized by the Association.

At the end of October, EuAUP association is organizing an electoral assembly in its newest member (Republic of Croatia). It will take place in Zagreb, on 29–30 October 2015, at the hotel International. All bodies of the Association will be established in the assembly session and a president, as well as a secretary and the bodies of the Association, will be elected. The goal of the Association is to operate and have its representative in each EU member country. All members that express their interest in joining the Association and fill out the form for membership until 30/09/2015 will receive a notification about the possibility to stand for various positions in the Association (president, secretary, bodies of the Association, representatives in various countries). After the expression of interest, the Association will establish an electoral commission, evaluate the CVs of all candidates by position, and propose a list of max. 5 candidates for each position, who will then be voted on in the assembly session. Voting will be carried out in the electoral assembly to be held on 30/10/2015 in Zagreb, and all members will subsequently receive more information by email.

If you want to join the Association, please fill out the form for membership on: or visit

Moreover, we kindly ask you to forward this letter to all those people in your institution (or beyond) that, in your opinion, could be interested in joining the Association i.e. standing for a position within the Association in the electoral assembly to be held on 30/10/2015.

On the same day, besides the electoral assembly, EuAUP association will organize a conference with the working title:

„Joint Scientific Papers by Professors/Assistants and Students / Young Researches“

The conference will focus on presenting scientific papers resulting from collaboration between professors/assistants (as mentors) and students (as future young researches). More information on the conference can be found on:

Should you need further information, please feel free to send us an email on the address: .

Kind regards,

Association coordinator

Jessica Wilson, w.s.


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