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2014 Volume 4, Issue 2 of the Journal of International Students,

2014 Vol 4 Issue 2

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  1. Transformative Learning Experiences of International Graduate Students from Africa. By Alex Kumi-Yeboah, PhD, Dalton State College (USA), pp. 109-125.
  2. The “Redirecting” of International Students: American Higher Education Policy Hindrances and Implications. By Hugo A. García, MA, Claremont Graduate University (USA); Maria de Lourdes Villarreal, PhD, University of La Verne (USA), pp. 126-136.
  3. Mental Health Help-seeking Intentions among International and African American College Students: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior. By Jean Kesnold Mesidor (Doctoral Candidate) and Kaye F. Sly, PhD, Department of Psychology, Jackson State University (USA), pp. 137-149.
  4. Ensuring Rights:Improving Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for Female International Students in Australia. By Carolyn Poljski, MPH, Multicultural Center for Women’s Health (Australia); Regina Quiazon, PhD, Multicultural Center for Women’s Health (Australia); Chau Tran, MPH, Latrobe University (Australia), pp. 150-163
  5. A Facet Theory Model for Integrating Contextual and Personal Experiences of International Students. By Paul M. W. Hackett, PhD, Emerson College (USA), pp. 164-176.
  6. Managing Anxiety: A Case Study of an International Teaching Assistant’s Interaction with American Students. By Ji Zhou (Doctoral Student), University of Southern California (USA), pp. 177-190.

Reflection/Study Abroad & Book Review

  1. Reflection:The Global Neighborhood: Programming Initiatives with International Living-Learning Communities. By Sarah McClanahan, BS, University of South Carolina (USA), pp. 191-195.
  2. Book Review: Palgrave Study Skills: The International Student Handbook. Reviewed by Karen Johnson, University of Phoenix (USA) and Lisa Wells, Princess Nora University in Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia), pp. 196-198.
  3. Book Review: English Communication for International Teaching Assistants. Reviewed by Rui Ma, PhD, University of the Pacific (USA), pp. 199-201.


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