Petition to protect EU research budget

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Prenosimo poruku Inicijative za znanost u Europi (Initiative for Science in Europe – ISE).

Dear young researchers,

The next weeks and months will be crucial for determining the EU research budget for the period of 2014-2020. Before the summit of the heads of states and governments scheduled for 22/23 November, several EU member states announced that they will demand cuts on the total EU budget. Next to that, if cuts are unavoidable, the research budget would likely be attacked first as other policy areas have strong lobby groups.

Cuts in the the EU research budget would strongly affect PhD candidates and post-docs. The Marie Curie Actions are well-known and highly recognised and appreciated by young researchers. What may be less known is for example that almost 20.000 PhD candidates and Post-Docs are working in projects funded by the European Research Council (ERC) in a team with ERC Grantees.

In a letter published today in major newspapers

42 Nobel Laureates and 5 Fields Medallists have expressed their concern about the discussion on the EU research budget, adding that “The younger generation of researchers will seek to make their voices heard and governments should listen”.

Younger Generation? That’s you! How can you get active?

Sign the petition to protect EU research funding:

– Spread the word – share the call in social networks

Mobilise your colleagues. Ask the head of your doctoral school to send out an email to all young researchers in the department.

– Use your contacts to the media or to political parties to make the case for research

Eurodoc has reached around 8’000 young researchers for its survey in 2008, which required at least 45 min to be filled in. It’s only 5 minutes for reading and signing a petition on a cause which is highly important for your future. At least tenfold as many people should be possible.

Show that the young researchers are a powerful group in Europe.

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