Student protest: we are all in this together

Od   /  11. studenoga 2010.  /  Nema komentara

The occupation of Conservative party HQ is about so much more than fees. At last the country is beginning to fight back

Today’s protest against the education cuts was uplifting: students, staff and others from all over the country gathered in their thousands to walk the route between Embankment and Tate Britain, pausing to boo at Downing Street. The weather was bright and clear, and the mood decidedly upbeat. Staff, students and others marched together under banners from colleges all over the country, while drums and chants protesting at the fees rang out for miles. There were a sizable number of Lib Dems protesting against their own party’s U-turn on fees, and a sit-in outside parliament – the peace protesters who reside there were happy to give the students a quick lesson in the true meaning of anarchy.

Više u članku britanskog Guardian-a.

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